Learn more from home!

  • Made w/ Code
    Get inspiration, hear from awesome female programmers, and practice some programming through simple projects.
  • Hour of Code
    Play a programming game or create your own game using drag and drop puzzle pieces.
  • Code.org
    Fun programming games, interactive tutorials, and more resources.
  • BitCamp Presentation
    This is the curriculum we use for BitCamp.
  • W3Schools
    Take your website to the next level with these tutorials!
  • Khanacademy
    Learn computer programming with interactive tutorials.
  • Codecademy
    Work through interactive tutorials on HTML and CSS as well as other programming languages.
  • Udacity
    Online college level courses.

Camps, Clubs, and Classes

  • Get With the Program, Grand Valley State University
    Learn how to program robots in a week long camp in August! No experience necessary. Girls only, 6th - 7th grade. 
  • Science Technology & Engineering Preview Summer (STEPS) Camp, Grand Valley State University
    Explore science, engineering, and technology while learning about airplane flight in a week long summer camp. No experience necessary. Girls only, 6th - 7th grade.
  • Imaginary Worlds Camp, Calvin College
    Create your own video game in a week long summer camp! No experience necessary. Girls' and Boys' camps available.
  • Girls Who Code Chapter, Calvin College
    Learn more about computer science, explore careers in technology, and have fun writing code! No experience necessary. Girls only, 6th - 12th grade.
  • Grand Rapids Public Schools Innovation Central High School
    Learn more about technology, engineering, and robotics through the Grand Rapids Public Schools.